Female Role Models: Louisa Laryea

Louisa Laryea is A Chartered Certified Accountant and a member of ACCA-UK. A Banker as well with demonstrable record in identifying Risk Exposures in Banking and Mitigating same. An astute professional with Eighteen (18) years of experience in Finance and Banking. She courts biases for numbers, analysis and people. Louisa is a stickler for excellence, is very confident, quite calculated, forthright and opinionated too. She believes whatever is worth doing must be whole-heartedly done to the very best of one’s ability. She likes to challenge the status quo in order to deliver modernization to the corporate environment – an attribute not so popular in Ghanaian corporate circles. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management as well from the University of Ghana Business School.

Louisa believes in Merit and Diligent work. She does not subscribe to the assertion of lowering thresholds for females (because females are very capable). She believes that females have the capacity to pursue their goals and aspirations to any height if they so desire. If only females will focus, challenge themselves, rip off the limitations, be their own cheer-leaders, believe in themselves and set their priorities purposefully. Females should not be pitied because they are females. No! That certainly is demeaning. Success does not emanate from pity. Confidence in oneself solves half the challenge even before one approaches the task. Louisa believes in Equity. The options and offerings availed must only be availed equitably and not out of pity. There are males who are more disadvantaged than females; only because of where they come from, who their parents are or what their communities believe in. Resources for development must therefore be fairly distributed consistently and equitably.
Louisa espouses strong tenets of Discipline and Integrity. She believes that Discipline is what always makes the difference. A people/a Nation that does not appreciate Discipline, clearly retrogresses. That surely holds true for Ghana


Louisa is affable, she loves fashion, absolutely loves family and likes to observe.
She enjoys reading, writing and likes to assist kids to read too. Louisa has a great affinity for good humour and also appreciates boundaries.
She however hates cutting onions but enjoys a gush of onions in her sauces, soups and fries.
Louisa is married to Israel Laryea and has Three (3) Children – Cheyne, Mitch and Samantha.

Louisa is a role model worthy of emulation.

4 thoughts on “Female Role Models: Louisa Laryea

  1. Well done – Louisa, she is a very disciplined lady, caring – very proud of you.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Attended the same secondary school

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  2. Very proud of Louisa. She has a disciplined approach to all her endeavours. She strives for correctness and does not bend her values to accommodate anyone. She is great fun to be around because she is always charged with positivity, always adding to herself and others around her.
    I have known her since childhood. We attended the same primary and secondary schools together. I miss our fun years together.
    God bless you Louisa and elevate you to His Glory.

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