Female Role Models: Shika Nornoo

Shika Nornoo is a 23 year old Supply Chain Management and Procurement graduate who after being awarded the Best Graduating Female Student for her year group, is currently doing her National Service at MASLOC(Microfinance and small loans centre) HEAD OFFICE.

Shika has in her an entrepreneurial spirit which was birthed whilst being a SAGE(Students for the advancement of global Entrepreneurship) President at Mafantsiman Girls’ Secondary School and also an ENACTUS executive whilst in the University.
She owns and manages Shikakope, an audiovisual retail and supplies store, which provides quality photography accessory solutions at affordable prices.

Shika Nornoo is passionate about Supply Chain Management and Procurement and seeks to become a CIPS professional in the next couple of years.
She is currently enrolled in the CEIBS WELA program to enable her move her business to the global market and widen her network. She writes leisurely and loves to read a lot. This habit of hers led her to create a writing group that has outdoored several breathtaking writers, most of whom are loved by Ghanaian Social media users especially.

Shika wants to be a Procurement lawyer, an awesome mum, entrepreneur and loving wife/lover to the best of her ability. She is a role model.

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