Female Role Models: Angeline E. Chie

Angeline E. Chie is a young female leader who hails from the South Region of Liberia. She has been playing a very important role in her country and other neighboring countries over the past 4years. As a agent of positive change, she demonstrates a leadership skills as a young entrepreneur. She is the Founder and C.E.O of Chilly Fashion house. As a passionate and positive entrepreneur, she has helped empowered over 10 young girls through the skills and talents she has. Angeline is currently working with several advocacy groups in her country to improve and protect the rights of young women and children. She has used her education background in Child Development to protect and educate every child she has come across. She’s presently serving as a peer educator and young female leader in her beloved country, Liberia. Her belief that every child is unique in their own way, has always helped her to love and Cherish children. She believes that if there is no way to make a living, you can create one by becoming an entrepreneur and empowering others. Ange is a role model.

4 thoughts on “Female Role Models: Angeline E. Chie

  1. Not that strange to us though, furthermore, she’s a servant leader and very devoted to task. Angie work just over the past few years is tremendous helping to impact the lives of many in Liberia and has inspired other females to venture into their career ideologies. She’s a very amazing person and one of my greatest admirations for the woman she is, is that she is Very Optimistic, wish you well dear, kudos.

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