There are men
And there are Men
But there are also MEN
MEN are the real juices in all fruits
Men are the “mmotromodwos”
That state abhored by even the heavenly father
While men are the tins of milk without content
Drop them from the mountain top
And see how they will battle the stones
Infuriate all ears
And remodel negatively their shapes
Men then will sit on the fence
Giggling here, laughing there
Like plugged robots
While MEN try to make them see
The importance of those stones
In maintaining their balance
And possibly climbing to the top
I love no men
I abhor all Men
And pray for many MEN to enrich my path
Who has breath to waste
On men and Men?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 30, 2016

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