Days have dragged us to

Christmastide hoping for love

Urging mouths to smile


Harmattan pampers

African soil, winter frowns

Loud on foreign lands


It is a challenge

For blood to boil in live terms

So let goodness flow


Don’t murder birds to 

Chew alone, try thinking free

And bless the others


You can ignore grown

Plants who bears no fruit but don’t

Ignore the young shoots


If they are watered

Right, next season it’ll grow to

Feed, so feed their seeds


Love and love freely

It is a season of love

And so love we must show

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

(Merry Christmas to all my Christian followers and all who read on amoafowaa.com. Jesus is the reason for the season, preach Christ, preach love. I love Ghana, because this is the place Muslims celebrate Christmas and Christians celebrate Salah. We are one people, one nation, one world, let’s see it as such. Blessings.)

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