Arm in arm

Let’s move like we swam

In the rivers of beautiful but challenging Cupid

Ignoring many comments like “They are stupid,

Leave them be,

Later they’ll see,

That feeling is foolishness”


Arm in arm

Let’s move like swans

And step into old age’s jacuzzi

Swimming as we smile and look back

At the carcass of our green selves stacked on the shelves

And look at our mobile happy products beaming happily in youth

And feel the fulfilment of life as we sail in peace with no lurking worries


Arm in arm

Let’s hold hands

Caring not about the darkness which awaits

Nor the heat which is palpable even at this time of life

And taunts from our future graves which never promises to save

Knowing we’re companies no matter who steps in first

Because truly, we are the perfect pack God made after one of his deserved rest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)

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