AS passing spirits GO BONKERS

So many beards flame
Needing prayers to avoid a same
As Flor de Mayo spots two battling heads
And the Golden Wattle burns
As two lions holding spears
…and a common shield in Africa’s East
Fail to protect their unofficial Orchid
And a Rose throws threats
…at the Rose
…which pierced it without provocation
…on a Red Rose in the Middle East
The earth lies helpless
While passing spirits go bonkers!

A Red Rose lies helpless in Africa’s West
Its flowers being plucked off by terror
As Jasmine continues to battle their unending cancer
See Costus Spectabilis
…battle Harams without a “biko”
As the Pomegranate Blossom
…dances in chaos
Still, the earth watches without blinking
While passing spirits go bonkers!

The Scarlet Macaw is led by Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18
Cattleya Trianae stays a deviant dope high
King Protea lies dead
…vultures feasting on its carcass
Is it a wonder?
It is the remains of the King Sugar Bush
Still the earth shows no sound in its ears
While passing spirits go bonkers!

Hawk’s Talons lies critically ill of destruction
The Golden Eagle still struggles in battle
The Arabian Coffee Flower battles sores in deep deep scars
Still, the Su’pung Dam under Baekdu Mountain
…replaces its rice boarder
…with nuclear roars
A Leopard Head
…boarded by an Elephant Tusk and Spear still hungers for growth
Still the earth lies quiet
While passing spirits go bonkers!

Golden Trident on a Blue Shield
…wears clothes of crimes
As Camomile can’t calm its crown of crime
The Elephant and the Baobab Tree
…combines unrest, crime and kidnapping
The Star and the Crescent tiptoes in terror
The earth still magnanimously hosts
While passing spirits go bonkers!

It is a funny watch
Minds know not the seeds of chaos
Which will be planted in the future
But visitors go bonkers
While earth, the immortal land owner
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 9, 2020


There is a change seeping into the land
Strange change that promises to derange
…even from a range,
…it sips from the cup of hope
…and trips our peace on a dangerous slope


It started like a bad dream, now it burns like overheated fire…
Take us off the fires of fear
…simmering on soaring senses:
– kidnappers killing the unwilling
– terrorists blowing trespassing tremors of horror
…hooligans housing hampering-tampers
It is like a daunting shadow
…drawing nearer and nearer

We lived in a peaceful pen
But you sold our safety to sellers
…trading point-and-kills
Will the hunters shoot only in the forest
When power is like a potent alcohol
…creating drunkards out of gents?
You knew the hidden catastrophe
Yet thought only of your growing bellies!

You know of the bribery beasts
…who guard our customs gates
Yet sit like flatulating elders
…in the midst of their aggrieved youngsters
…blame-shifting in the suffering and suffocating air

As concerned ears hop from
…outdated mouths to mandated mouths
You continue finger pointing
…when deck calls hands to work!
Continue creating confusions
…sitting and staring
…dressing and daring
In a Kojo-Who-Did-This taunts!
…It-Is-Kwame will turn solutions through the bouncing It-Is-Kojo
…to protect our future!

Fanning fears will turn fires
…burning off our nearing enemies
Just let the radios chirp like blessed birds
…the papers paint like well pressed pets
…the internet hawk like beautiful ladies carrying shinny pans in selling
…hosting you with your flawless grammar
…like parrots in their comfort cages
Let’s hope your words turn hammers to
…scare off the scares
…which loom!

You kwabrɛfrɛs –
…mistaken for Odums
…and pushed to stand to shield us
…from the whirlwinds of slavery
Should act vultures
…standing on the trees of our trust
Waiting for our lives to fall
…so you can swoop for our rotten fleshes!!!
But know –
…It is one body hosting us all
…from those on the head
…to those on the feet
Think of the spared
…should that one body fall!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 18, 2019


The ant that thinks to bomb its kind
Forgets there exist danger which needs battalions
What is the cause of murdering minds?
What is the payment:
Of sending souls
Into the dark
Of crocheting minds to think so dark
Of mirroring deaths without a mark
Of rearing dogs to hunt same dogs?
Sad sad sad sad sad
The world now hoards minds so demented

Who will want to travel nine moons
And will carve a being to swoon
Only to grow a monstrous baboon
Who will tear cool beings in cocoons?
I bet they are like lions
With souls of lionesses
Which eat all their consciences
And turn them carnivores hunting their kinds
Sacred idiots!
Panting panthers pulling poor pillars
Know that roars running through human throats
Are concerns of segregation
Oh demented!
Demented souls!

They get to pay with no known days
They get to harvest the sins of souls
They get to be bothered by unlived lives
They get to be punished eventually
When they reach the capital towns of death
And realise it sent no messenger to equip them to grant
Passports of death to the living strong
Then they will realise
They are demented
But their punishments would be cemented
Sad sad sad oh sad sad sad
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015