The ant that thinks to bomb its kind
Forgets there exist danger which needs battalions
What is the cause of murdering minds?
What is the payment:
Of sending souls
Into the dark
Of crocheting minds to think so dark
Of mirroring deaths without a mark
Of rearing dogs to hunt same dogs?
Sad sad sad sad sad
The world now hoards minds so demented

Who will want to travel nine moons
And will carve a being to swoon
Only to grow a monstrous baboon
Who will tear cool beings in cocoons?
I bet they are like lions
With souls of lionesses
Which eat all their consciences
And turn them carnivores hunting their kinds
Sacred idiots!
Panting panthers pulling poor pillars
Know that roars running through human throats
Are concerns of segregation
Oh demented!
Demented souls!

They get to pay with no known days
They get to harvest the sins of souls
They get to be bothered by unlived lives
They get to be punished eventually
When they reach the capital towns of death
And realise it sent no messenger to equip them to grant
Passports of death to the living strong
Then they will realise
They are demented
But their punishments would be cemented
Sad sad sad oh sad sad sad
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

8 thoughts on “SADLY DEMENTED

      1. It will. I believe strongly that they regret almost immediately after they die too. Because then they see nothing in forcing people to die. Sounds silly but my belief.


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