Some people burned their skins
…to begin a healing in your favour
Some fried their hearts in painful guts
…to lay a foundation for you to build
But you’re now on the field
…playing blame games
…digging out the already laid
…neglecting the land and emboldening enchroahers

One will feel you will scar you skins
…at least
…to build the bridge to a finish
One would think you’d feel the pangs which sang before your births
…to cling onto any sling of hope to continue the building
But you keep tearing us down
…and building weak fences which breakdown at the least wind
Are your consciences on serene grounds?

There can be no two without a three
So you dig yourselves dead in history
Forcing your numbers on generations watching you die
A repeat defeat now seated deep into our future
If only a soul can stand to break this cycle
…this cycle of hopelessness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 16, 2020

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)


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