The world has turned puzzle
…for many a troubled soul
Puzzle they can’t solve through their hustles
So before a word walks from the chambers of your mind
…please vet its wisdom

Borketey got slapped by few words
…a week ago
Those words followed him home
…got shame ropes to hang him dead
…just last night

They were whispering
…whispering about her flat buttocks
…whispers which turned air to haunt her breath
They were taunting
…taunting her about her crooked face
…taunts which kept teasing her self esteem
…until it bowed
All those turned monsters
…to push Ekuba through her own strength
…from the sixth storey of her father
Shattering the body which hosted her soul and spirit

Three days ago
Kojo was mocked because of his poor results
The ever brilliant youth went straight from school
Reached home to find it an abattoir
Slaughtering himself to end the echoes of shame
…reverberating through the caves of his mind

Asante Bediatuo drank poison as water
…killing himself because of rumours that his man baby
…could not stand, let alone cry
…to flood the inns of opposite wells
Just by the name “ankonam”
…Efua Badu slit her wrists
Hassan gunned himself down because Jemila cheated on him

Times have softened confidence
…to a level of fragility
And the culture of silence compounds its fatality
As a confession of depression
…is an expression of insanity
So please listen and process thoughts
…before a speaking
We gain naught
…if we fight fierce and push ourselves
…into graves before our time
Life is but a-hold-me-up as I-hold-you-up
…in falls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© February 11, 2020

6 thoughts on “EARS AND THOUGHTS

  1. Who said words do not hurt? If indiscriminately hurled, they can cause our own hands to speak death to us. What untimely exit unkind words can cause from those who thrive on them.

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