Spirit I wish to dish a dream
To retake life and live to the brim
And grow your soul to sell fulfillment
…to your all before the call of your fall

It is always abnormal when a young fruit falls
…from its strong tree
As many a ripe ones hang
Why are the cruel winds of life
…so choosy?

You had so much to live for
…so much to learn
And I had so much to teach you
So much laughter
…and few punishments to boost!
Why did you leave a left which now digs into old sores?
Why make me a teacher who outlives her student?

For all your many dreams squashed with your gone
For all your happy hopes ceased by your fall
For all your beautiful memories
…lost to your leaving
For all the many friends you’ve been forced to abandon
…in this here life
I pray your soul gains glows to a know that your going
…has pierced hurtful arrows in our hearts
So you can rest in absolute peace

Rest well baby girl!
Rest well beautiful spirit!
Rest in awesomeness young soul
And live the yonder like a boss
Till we meet again
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© February 2, 2020

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