The future keeps secrets
…which births with time to create shocks
…in the pleasant and or otherwise
Leading this mind to struggle
…to disentangle these questions

Those heads
…nodding and shaking
Will most soon still
…to hide and cry?
Those shoulders
…playing ups and downs
…like see-saws on a playfield
Will they soon stiffen
…to defrost their bold?
Those wriggling buttocks
…snaking and electrifying
Will they cool
…to regrets and hurts?
And those mouths
…humming and singing
Will they soon shut
…to bow to defeat?
If those legs break down
…and those hands hide
If those faces cloud with sadness
…and those stomachs growl in hunger
If those thighs dry from shaking
…and those waists stop their breaking
What medicine will light their now
…to break their ice?

The giggles and laughter
The music and company
The hugs and kisses
The sways and dances
Can’t you freeze them in a forever
…to stamp a lifetime of happiness?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 30, 2019

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