Whiskers on rabbits
…feeding fat
From juices of ants
…who are tasting bats
So fair!

Crumbs of peace
…drowning in pieces
As tiring muscles
…push protruding tummies
…on ceremonial trucks
So fair!

Like Oliver Twist
…now it is a demanding twist
…blood is the more
…they need to store their failing chores
It has to be blood of the suffering?
Oh so fair!

Why work wails to be weaned
…but luxury climbs in the winning
Why poverty seizes to be healed
…but high comfort kro-chia for attention
And oh why souls struggle to host bodies
…as bosses polish their crowns with national sweat
Tickle to hurt
…burn to scar
Oh they shoot to kill
…and bomb to blast
Our hope to cope
But who cares?
Certainly fairness is modeling
…the clothes of its antonyms
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 29, 2019

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