While you wail your worse
…through the wins of yesteryears
And moan the gemütlich atmosphere
…that disaster distroyed
Know, those in the painless world
…are kvelling
And do swell with love
…knowing you’ll do well

The moments you shared will die not in you
They’ll just feel special
…and be mind videos
…for only you
The whispers you shared
…will taste no deaths
…in your eardrums
They’d just act audios
…for your everyday use
And the gone touches
…will build memories in pores
The lost laughter will
…build happiness in store
There sure is nothing left unprepared
…for your adjustment
If only you will,
…like a great harvester
…look back and see

None unfinishes a deed before leaving a scene
…in life’s sphere
Short memories just asks for more singular additions
Loneliness just calls for more friendly additions
Bitterness just calls for meditations
Life is like a puzzle of future
Though none knows
…signs show in deeds of yesterday
…with pushes of deeds of today
The future is gently waiting to be plucked
…just by your faith stick
…through your self belief
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019

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