Gift to the glory of God
…who gives you grace
…to be great and good
…and grants you gain
…to see the greatness of growth
…you grown

Give to the giftless without gloating
You gifted
And grow in your garden of good
…oh be generous

For this garden of gifts
…grows gorgeous in getting
If you give in grace from the grass
…you’ve gotten grace to grow
Giving can glee the forgotten into a golden-heart

Goodness of giving
…gay-grips the given
And greatly grows giving
…in the given
Giving-power guides gallant growth of greatness
…which galaxies to glow
…on the giver

Giving is a gift only the gifted can give
So give to the growless and gain a glimpse
…into the guidance of goodness
You grown and glowing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019

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