(To all my Christian followers, Merry Christmas! This is your special dedication 💕💞💖)

All those looking forlorn and worn
Tap into the horn of this born
…this morn
And think of what he will adorn
…to push your ills to the gone

With the birth comes a light
To shine bright your dark
With this birth comes your sight
To gage right your mark
With His birth comes your delight
To call right your herald’s hark
Jesus the baby’s birth is hope for your journey of freedom
In each Christ and Holy kingdom

It is a truck of luck
It is a sign of laughter
It is a sign of hidden stars
…gaining a stage-like moon
It is a love divine
It is a care of mercy
It is a sacrifice which suffices to wash
…all sinful edifices
So celebrate in a jubilation
And follow the growth of fresh breath
…to your wins
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 25, 2019

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