The festive fever
The needing needles
The steaming shivers
The growling giggles
Nothing fetches fire on a heading head
…in money’s dire lair
…than the festive fever!

The dresses
…which will end in messes!
The jewelries
…which might not taste many Junes before acting jokes!
The shoes
…which might scream boos in loses which might call soon!
The foods which will turn unmentionables
…and their sorry booze which might snooze zoos in loos
Add them to the ghosts of angry chickens
The bɛɛs of aggrieved goats
Add them to the moos of unhappy cows
And the broken trust of lost sheep
And you get the perfect
…festive fever!

Although many make merry
…in meetings happily made
Loud noises will add to draining headaches!
Poor choices will add to begging voices!
Unannounced visits will add to complaining bathrooms!
Poor singing will add to leaching preaching!
All making knockouts sound like hellish bombs!
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the festive fever?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 23, 2019

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