Show me the gate of your sense
To go cleanse it’s dense lenses
…to aid it see
…what needs to be

Give me the keys to the mains
…of your brains
To join understanding veins
…to your sanes
To open up your mind’s gate

Because now you sound like a hound
…found in a not so sound
…mound hole
All humans know and toe the sane
…but you’re acting insane
…calling it your choice
Some choices are voices of noises
…made by deadly drowning depressions

Why many should get depression
…out of your expressions
…form clouds on humanity
If you feel like a superhuman
…turn spirit and evaporate
If you can’t corporate
…turn animal and get a jungle
For opinions clash
…but through the rush of emotions
We learn to blend to end a bad trend
So harmony will weed harm
…off bodies
Life is simple for the open minded
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 18, 2019

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