Power given is to be shared
Power given is to be faired
Power given is to be wired and lighted to act electricity for all
Power given is not like power taken
Power given is to be organized
Assume super hero wings
…and you’ll crash
A reality parcelled in facts

Leading needs patience
…with loving arms
…consultations and delegations
…needing a many to hold hands
…into a one queue
Charting paths to honour the whole

There can only be disagreers
…not enemies
There can only be challengers
…not destroyers
There can only be different perspectives
…not ruiners
All it takes is a channel of conversation
…that tunnels to all minds on board
…with an end shine

Leading as an eagle
…and branding all chickens
…even for a good cause
Is no victory
For an us in doing adds satisfaction
…and a reputation gargantuan
Talk of a unifier
Talk of a revered
Talk of a heart many will kill to heart on!
Leading is no soldiering on a battlefield

So share the power given
…like a boss
Toss out odd thoughts
…leaving a legacy better than the previous
We emulate to refine
…not to confine
A hay torch-bearer plays with no water
…in a leading dark
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Ā© December 17, 2019

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