Serenity swims like swans
…serenading spirits seeking sanes
…soothing sanes with sores
…sweeping sufferings with sobbing stucks
…from souls

I am wondering
…why guy-gun growers
…with their sweetening atadwes
…are the going givings
…on hawking pates
…of every trader

Do you have ready restrooms
…in the ayaase of your blooms
…needing erected bodies of pestled visitors?
Or are your ears filled
…with your earth’s potency
…in strengthening man-sticks
…that you’ve mastered the art
…of studying the roles of your shrub roots
…and trees
…to get the waist wakers to hold hands
…in sure works?
You sure unassumingly lie like innocents
…in the veined hair of Asaase Yaa
…by the busy roadside
And I have been so fooled
…years on end
…till this day
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 18, 2019

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