Listen like the blind left behind
For hidden in the caves of soft sounds
Which creep in the midst of chaos
Is the way to decay
And the way to today
Hearing none
Calls for monsters in human butchery
So listen!

Look hard
For in the midst of the sea
Lies drinks of water
Looking hard will make you see
And pay for your thirst
Blinding your eyes in visions
Is calling for the demons of thirst

Feel hard
In the midst of the right touch
Lies the seed of passion
Feeling not is calling for stiffness
To infest with bitterness

Taste like the goddess of tongues
For in the midst of soft delicacies
Lies the perfect devinity
To worship the mouth
And make it a temple of real living

Smell like the god of nature
To know the path of demonic flowers
And find the perfect haven of heaven
Heaven knows noses noise
And plant to grace
Graces which embrace

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