There is no need to sing your own dirge
I have stopped being your judge
A better you has wiped that urge
So I you purge
Go now to rest

There is no reason to hit your chest
Whenever enemies do me jest
There is no reason to cheer my best
Hoping for a body to show your quest
Of erasing what ails in regret

I am no jet yet
But don’t you ever fret
Whatever life needs I sure will get
And I have a good head so fear forget
None will leave me dry

I will definitely cry
But I sure won’t be shy
For eventhough the sun plays in the sky
It cries here and there to get by
I will hop but will one day fly

So fly
And stop your shadow from living a lie
For no matter the many a pie
I get from it, my smile still remains wry
At your thought

If your heart, for me was bought
And you know I did you sought
You sure know I really have thought
Of your ever horrid thought
So do rest now in peace

Let my feeling you seize
Let your conscience ease
So I can be at ease
And you can be in your piece
As the ghost you now are
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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