(This is a poem specially dedicated to all great fathers. Happy Fathers’ Day to all those trying so hard to pay tgeir dues and to tend to their children. May God/Allah bless you all)

A fertile farm
Needs a great farmer
Who will carefully choose its seed
Meticulously prepare his land
In weeding
Up to digging for planting

After planting
He needs to tend to both farm and seed
Weeding problemed weeds
Watering battling seeds
To help it mature to rise to greet his eyes

After the plant travels outside land
Although it still stands on the land
It needs to be saved
From pesti-weeds
Which can harm its tender frame
Only the farmer can battle the weeds
Leaving the land to scout help from within

If the young plant needs shield
The farmer, in earnest, this must yield
If it needs more sunlight
The farmer, in dedication, this must give
If it needs more rain
The farmer, even in torture, this must give
Until it grows to fruition

Even in fruition
The farmer must care
Building scarecrows and guarding at dawn
To make sure birds do not evade
So the fruition will safely mature

And if it does
He harvests with care
Eating only what he needs
Saving for future what must feed
And sending into the land, what must grow
Father’s are just like farmers
Mothers, just like lands
Plants are just like children
And they all work for bountiful harvests
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016
Happy Fathers’ Day to all great fathers!!!

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