As flowery words, good feelings entice
From great fathers who for fatherhood,  have paid their price
Never think to call for anything nice
You irresponsibles, who never bought rice
Talking to wild donors to be precise

Bow in shame
You have no rights
You tricked a dame
And skipped all hard nights
The she worked to fame
As you got lost from sights
For to you, it was just game
So quit running to their worlds in brights

Where were you
When they faced their frights?
Only one turned up for knights of two
And when they needed playful kites
Ask yourself their doing and building ‘who’?
Skip glory with all your might
You who skipped all the plights

Don’t aim to the rhythm of thanks dance
You shame-stricken runaway dunce
You did have your test to chance
Now to your shame, like a fool, you must dance
As your others dance like kings
You chose the “free to be” shame ring
So wear its gloves and face it square
For none knows you enough to cling
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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