In this trying times
Where sanity fails to rhyme
You drink bitter lime
And follow painful chymes
You do all
Special fathers

Many are those who take to their heels
Whenever their broken seeds appear
Most always developing wheels
Whenever their egos are bruised
With thoughts of different seeds

You need to be hailed
You treasured ones
For going to fish
And loving your harvest
For though the waves are high
And the sharks of gossips do highly bite
You row the boats
Caring and even giving out your coats
No matter the cold

When heads are bowed
In taunts of noise
Coming straight at you in audiences so grave
You all strange looks do overlook
Asking for all to forgiveness book

And when convulsions visit at night
You wake to hold
Or rush to drive
A mute child is none to please
But you laugh to tease your partner
To never worry as God sits on throne

You mimic to show your love
Always ready to help in all
You shelve all shame
And lead the race
To feed and teach
Your blessed beings
God gives gold to his angels
Angels like you who dedicate to gifts
Nothing and no one can say otherwise
As you continuously pay your working dues
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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