Who will Protect Me from You?

You are like a leaf with thorns within
And I am like your fruit
You cover like a close umbrella
Acting like my protective crown
Sieving the sun to give me warmth
Blocking the rain to give me coolness
Shielding the winds and sending me airs
But you painfully pinch within my skin

Who will save me from your thorns?
You scratch to stifle
I hurt but can’t shout
For all creatures deem me lucky
All creatures do me envy
For even on a tree
I have a big caring leaf to shield
Who will protect me from you?
Who can protect me from you?

My sores get deep by the day
But I dare shout not
If the sun plays knight
I will feel the burns and get wrinkled
If the rains play my saviour
I will get infection and get rotten
If the winds play detectives
And get you removed
All flying pests will find me meal
Who will protect me?
Who can protect me?
Who will ever protect me from you?
My devilish saviour!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

10 thoughts on “Who will Protect Me from You?

      1. I’m working on it. I’m having an MRI on my brain tomorrow. Maybe they’ll figure out it is all in my head after all.;-} Doctors wear me out. I just hope it ends in some relief.


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