May I ask which cage keeps you?
I know the earth is a cage
And opens only when death enters its need coins
But which internal cage keeps you?

Some are caged by selfishness
With metal bars of needing all
When they can barely carry few
Like ants carrying huge leaves
Forgetting their tiny home houses
So suffer under locks of hatred

Some are caged by rudeness
Under the strong bars of pride
Like horror prisoners mixed with normal ones
Forgetting none is above the other
In wombs and tombs
So are locked by self superior padlocks

Some are caged by body pleasures
With grave bars of fantasies
Like dogs on heat on aphrodisiac
Forgetting life is a blend
So stay locked by fear of loneliness

Some are caged by their horrid past
Under unbreakable bars of pain
Their minds locked in “why mes?”
Like scarecrows in failed farms
Sacking only birds of fertility and success
So stay locked under melancholic padlocks

Some are caged by holiness
Under the strange bars of pleasing God
When their fellow men find them unbearable
Like Satan sending humans
To hell with their every deed
Forgetting life was meant to be lived
The creator Himself loving exploration
So they stay locked
Under the huge padlocks of fear of sin

Some are locked by their dreams
In very strong bars of fear of failure
Like a one leg man climbing a tall ladder
Forgetting no dream achieved
Enters the doors of death
They stay locked under padlocks of stiffness

What is your cage?
Whatever it may be
When balanced in wisdom and common sense
Brings freedom
Break your cage
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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