Dear Moon
Ply your night
Like the nocturnal traveller you are
For your crown of brightness
To be seen by earthers
From the throne of your sky

Do not jump into day
Like a greedy human star
Trying to usurp the glory of a budding
For sun holds day’s glory
And will make you just a brightless toy
Showing your naked figure
To be disgraced in your own space
And beneath by eyes who saw you
Adorned in clothes of angelic light at night

Don’t be deceived by beckoning clouds
They will clear and leave for sun to be
No matter how long it takes
And oh!
If even sun can be covered by their wavy frames
Do you think you will so be spared?

As bats wake to work at night
So is your gentle light
To lead in the dark
As owls see better in the dark
So are you to be seen in darkness
Just know your space
Time never takes sides
And is never one to be outwitted

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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