Tell me a different version of the story

The story of Romeo and Juliet

Tell me the loving part,

And kill the tragic deaths

Whose moral uprooted not the roots of feuds in life

So I can see hope like a star in lead

And follow until I reach my sky


Tell me the story of The Little Mermaid

Eliminating the witch who took the best part of our heroine

And sent a talkless version of beauty

To embark on an impossible hunt of love

From one too prestigious to fall for a dumb

Give her character her voice

So she can have a choice

As to tell her lover she is who he seeks

And make her too solid to be turned bubbles

To enjoy a love so strong until happy forever after

To prepare a vehicle of hope for  me

So I can travel safely to the land of Cupid


Why must I hear of tragedies cruel

So cruel to grind hearts into mud

And have foots step on their golden debris?

Polish the shoes of the stories so tragic

Make them cool and beautiful and magic

The world travels and can travel to waver

The unpleasantness, and help fragile hearts to be brave

I need a miracle even if it happens in oblivion

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org


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