Fallen in the desert of the unknown

Aided by water

And the daily murder of plants and animals

I look up and I see the skies;

House of clouds, sun, moon and stars

I look down and I see me and my likes

And all that we are harmful to

Then I seek your face


I seek your face

But I get blocked by many channels

I seek your face

But I get lost in many ideals said to be You

I seek your face

You who legends say have the power to create and take

I seek your face

Although I know, except in name

None has lived forever by Your authority


Show me Thy face

So I will know my now and all my paths

Show me Thy face

So I can clean all my dirts which I unknowingly threw

To taint its state

Show me Thy face, so like a bird, I’ll know my nest

This settling unsettlements

This cooling boilings

This flawed perfections

Of knowing less for protection

Sits not in the guts of my thoughts

I seek Thy face

Show me, so I can access your crown

And heal my frown

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

6 thoughts on “I SEEK YOUR FACE

  1. I am in such a quiet place spiritually right now. It’s good to read this fervor to know God I know this will pass because I’ve been here before. I am a fickle thing but God is not and somehow, I’ll learn something important from this…lull? It seems that it is conflict that sends me running to Him. I wish I could just stay there without the conflict. We human beings are something.


      1. You have a wonderful day, sweetheart. I should be asleep. I haven’t been feeling so well. Say a prayer for me. That should be enough to stir some fervor for God but I just feel quiet…and full of Prednisone. God bless and keep you.


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