We are trapped
Wrapped in covers of ills
Ills which pay no bills
And our growth stills
You in covers of ego
And I, in covers of pride
Both being carried on the backs of striking words
How did we get here?

How did we get here?
How did we get to this point of battle?
How did you become like the cat
And I like the snake?
How did fear of losing face
Gain a huge barrier between us
And recruited soldiers to so guard its stance?

How did little hurts
Pile like baggage which burst into rubbish
And called stubborn flies
To witness, whine and dine to invite eyes
Which have no business in our territory?
How did our tears develop charms
To sink within
When we come face to face
Only to flow like furious seas
That none can block
In our various locked quarters?

How did we get here?
Here, where loneliness holds a cane in the cold
Here, where uncertainties drive the fastest cars
On unmotorable roads
Clearing our minds’ traffic lights of thoughtfulness
And leading us to the dangers of damage?

Let’s clear
Let’s go naked
If these clothes be sanity
Let’s go mad
And show ourselves the scars in these clothes
The scars which rhyme not with happiness
For we are one in spirit
And our laughters in separation
Cause us the desperation of exasperation
A conundrum so difficult to penetrate
In our web of pain

For you are the king

And I, your queen
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Picture by

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