Kwaku Amponsem is mad
He is mad of a tag
He claims makes him feel like a rag
And so calls the taggers bad
And is threatening to open an evidence bag
In hopes of getting a tagger to gag
And make a scape goat to honour his dad
The tag?
That he carries a deep freezer
My question is
What is wrong in carrying a deep freezer?
At least you get to keep many things from going bad
Then again, upon understanding,  it is a bad tag
A man’s stick must not be questioned

Abena Boadiwaa says something is wrong
Efo Kwadzovi, she suspects, weeds on Tuesdays
And her mouth announces through her loudest vocal chords
For all ears to hear
Now Efo wants his pound of flesh
In the market square
For all eyes to see
His hoe digging a hole in Abena Boadiwaa
My question is
What at all is wrong with a Tuesday born
Calling a man a Tuesday weeder?
Then again,  Tuesdays are sacred days
And it demands no farming
So weak hands claim they work on Tuesdays
Making their claim questionable

We are so intelligent
We of the black lands
Weaving words to chase out outside thoughts
Like Asantes weave their kente
Too bad most of us grovel in political beggings
We can weave words but not deeds
Words to get eachother’s blood boiling hard
Too bad
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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