Oh eyes with laser twinkles

Mouths with flapping tongues

Ears ready to hear the sounds

Of my heart’s eruptions

I have one question

Have you ever loved?


Have you ever loved?

So hard like the balls of a mating bull?

So wild like hell fire’s senior in a rage?

Wider than the ends of the heavens?

With a heart so loud like a horrid earthquake

Mating a fearful tsunami?


Have you ever loved?

So fast like a ghost in running?

So hurtful like a wound from the spear of Satan?

So dazed like a dope of a bucket of cocaine?

So high like a mountain with no end view

And dumped from that end 

Onto the hard mud of brokenness

With hateful eyes dancing to the tune of your fall

As rival hands clap like happy chickens?

Have you ever loved?


Have you ever loved?

Losing your intestines to chicks unweaned

Being mocked by little weak birds unteamed?

Losing your guts to a day old sheep

Who takes over your sleep?

Losing your pride to a filthy pig

Who just aims to rig?

Have you ever loved?


Then shut the dungeons of doom

Kill the red birds

Who hide in your dark gutters

With aims

To soil holes of sluggishness

And find your paths to taste

The distasteful taste of life

And see with your heart instead

Rather than seeing with head-balls

Deprived of experience

And pimped by lightless lamps

For liberation into the grave

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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