When Time’s legs were short
And most technological gadgets were in the scrotums of male minds
Except for a little cold to fear
Occasional clouds were pampered to fall

As legs melted
And hearts, like the softest of tuo zaafi yearned
As holier hearts melted like shea butter in plea
Clouds yielded
And visited as rain

And bodies triumphed
Fixing bowls and buckets at the little penises of roofing sheets

Sometimes improvising to give them huge urine pads for comfort
Hoping their urinals will quench thirst for a while

We stepped in their palms
And they jumped for joy
In joy, threw them into the sky 
And they gleefully bounced back
Soaked, we gave ourselves to the visitors
To be bathed
To be massaged
To be blessed
As heat was eliminated from the time rain reigned
Branding us new and prepared
To be in the belly of bed sheets
Shivering but complete

Now we think of our gadgets
And shun the rain
Curse clouds in succession
Calling them murderers
Look for shelter when they yearn for our bodies
If only the drains of the rains
Aren’t blocked with poor cans of beings
If only we knew how well to tend to our visitors
Like our ancestors did
We wouldn’t be as thirsty in heart as we are now
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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