Like snow tainted with mud

She sits in indulgence

Allowing religion to cuff her like a soldier gone bad

Letting society push her into second place

As her conscience whips

With canes of guilt

Time has licked some of her wounds

So in denial, she accepts

Thinking her cool self will calm her opponent

But I see her knowledge

I see her pain

I see her regrets

So boxed in her heart

I see her shame

And hurt for her claim

That she closes her ears in order to move on

We know the right

We know the wrong

Like a goat her prisoner goes on and on and on

Justifying his rights to her

None of it spells love

Where did this angel go wrong?

What broke her will so strong?

What makes her think she there belongs?

Oh! Lighting and thunder of enlightenment

Strike Strike her

Stubborn obedience to coercion

And let the gentle her break free

From earthly bondage

For she deserves much more than she knows

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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