Nothing can hide

Our joy in ride

Oh nothing can hide

Our smiles so wide

Not even clothes

Can aid our foes

Let us dance naked

Dance to the sweet melodies of fireflies

let us dance naked

With our photographers as the moon and stars

Even mosquitoes will only add

To our melodies in harmony

As shrubs sway their heads

Like a great choral in choreography

We are the only heads with crowns of gold and diamonds

The only eyes, all seek to impress in earnest

The only feet, all yearn to kneel and wash

The audience is set

Sleeping like dolls at our cues fearing sues

So let’s dance like the gods do possess

So the skies will also express

Their delight at the sight of our loving flights

We are no kites so light in flight

To be held and bidden to follow hands of children

We are truly in our time with mandate from He who moulded our hearts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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