Beauty lives in eyes which stand
Never in closed eyes
Amedzofe is a beautiful lady
Her curves show supreme
As her hairs are woven
In beautifully strong trees
Sweeping the very grounds she walks
A snake must be feared but can be beautiful
Snake of a road lies in her bosom
As stones arrange in her filled breast
To show her strength
None must tell you of her fertile womb
Her bounteous greens
Speak volumes
And oh her aura!
In cooldom it can kill
And in hotdom I’m sure swimming in buckets advisable
Standing by her feet
I raise my eyes to her mouth
And behold,Ā  her words are brief
“I am life”
True, even the woman in me says so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

20 thoughts on “AMEDZOFE

      1. I don’t know a lot about Ghana. I’m an old lady who still has much to learn.Knowing that changes my perspective. I thought Amedzofe was a woman’s name…it’s still a wonderful poem.


      2. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth situated on a mountain. It is even in history that it has the coldest temperature when it is the raining season and it cab be hot in summer as you know it.

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      3. Maybe you should. But with over 50 countries, then you need to start now. I am in Ghana and here alone, there is so much to see. So many beautiful places God blessed us with. Pam, it is nature at its best here.

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      4. I’m too sick to travel like that now…I’m a country girl so it is the wildness of Africa that attracts me and also, the vastness. When I think of world travel, it is of natural wonders I want to see and not cities so much. Someday, when Jesus returns I will get to see it until then, I will enjoy the window into Africa that your provide with your writing. You can educate me.:0)


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