Dazed by the loudness
Loudness like the deafening rain
Current  songs battle the old
Black girls with fake blushing cheeks
And short shorts show
As boys to men show dressed in mosquito nets
Drinks abound
From “apio” to energizer
Chewers  of mouths parade
Dancers with no moves parade
Humans  like ants follow
One after one after one
Hunger is being hooted in style
By Voltarians who show blessedness
Underage teenagers hold drinks fit for drunken kings
And yes
The elders were right
Women love men with stupid heads
Some sit
Others stand
Others watch
As others mingle
This is Ho
The land strong now
To throw yams at hunger
And all rights turn wrong
As all wrongs turn right
On the ticket of Kofi Gbedemah
I stand with eyes like a eagle’s
Watching what is before me
Like a village crook
Watching television for the first time

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