A branch falls from the sky
And hearts rush into the mouth
Rats roam for food
And hearts rush onto fear horses
And gallop like hell gates call for entry
Songs of nightingales have turned aborminants
For they are deemed allies
Of faceless hands
Who hurt and seize
Or murder to own
Even shadows of trees
Now haunt to taunt
A travelling cloud gets to be cursed
When it is crossing the path of a moon
When moons go to rest
Men become chickens and roost
As paths dance for lack of weight
What crimes have we commited?
What at all is worth a life?
Isn’t it humans who work to gain?
Now skies weep
And even the earth refuse the tears
So drowning takes place mid air
Sleeping gods wake
Sleeping protectors shake
Sleeping crime prosecutors put up the stakes
And put minds at ease
And keep hearts in place
For this fear race
Is not for hardworking faces
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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