Meet Kafui Danku; the Godfearing, Loving, Intelligent, Award Winning Producer and Actress

Kafui Danku on
Kafui Danku on

Our guest post for today is a beautiful woman who lives with the strong will of God. She is a diva, an award winning actress, and is one who demands respect. All these accolades cannot pass without the mention of her intelligence. She is none other than the sweet Kafui Danku.

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to Please tell us about you, we need all things essential from when you were born to present.

KAFUI: Born and bread in Ho, Volta Region, Attended Mawuli Primary and J.S.S and then to O.L.A Girls all in Ho. I then attended Cape Coast University where I obtained a Bachelors Degree in English and Classics and this is the future. Lol.

AMOAFOWAA: Lol. We know you to be that beautiful actress. What do you do apart from acting?

KAFUI: That is a nice complement, Thank You. I also produce movies apart from acting.

AMOAFOWAA: At which point in your life did you know you wanted to be an actress?

KAFUI: I believe if you are passionate about something, everything you do leads you that direction.

AMOAFOWAA: Cool. What is your reason for your chosen profession?

KAFUI: Passion. It keeps driving you to the call.

AMOAFOWAA: Any role models?

KAFUI: There are lots of people that I admire and take inspiration from, I don’t think I have a particular role model, not sure.

AMOAFOWAA: What was your first ever role and your breakthrough role?

KAFUI: I would say ‘4play Reloaded’ by Venus Films

AMOAFOWAA: Has formal education contributed in bringing you this far?

KAFUI: Most definitely.  It is very important. I don’t think I would have been here without it. Thanks to my Parents, they were very strict when it comes to educating us formally, It’s a priority.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Who did you grow up reading from? In other words, who are your favourite authors?

KAFUI: I remember I read more of African Writers when I was younger. I love Authors like Ama Atta Aidoo, Efua Sutherland , Chinua Achebe and the likes

AMOAFOWAA: I have heard so much praise from you for your husband on media platforms. The question on most minds is ‘how did you meet your husband?’

KAFUI: Lol… Are you trying to find a husband like mine?

AMOAFOWAA: Lol. Maybe. Any children yet or planned for future?

KAFUI:  No kids yet.

AMOAFOWAA: Most successful career women find it difficult to juggle marriage with their careers. How do you manage yours?

KAFUI: By planning. I take planning seriously thus don’t play when it comes to timing. There is time for family and there is time for work.

AMOAFOWAA: Do African women in this 21st century still need empowerment?

KAFUI: absolutely, we do.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your greatest achievement in life?

KAFUI:  It is difficult to say , because I believe the future can only get better but being able to tell stories to touch the people and to be recognized is an achievement, The movies we have produced have made impact, it’s kind of fulfilling. I always remember to thank our fans for the support. Thank you GH , once again . I would also say there is more to come as long as God grants us good health and Long life.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: If you were a judge, what will be your punishment to a man who defiles a five year old?

KAFUI: Life imprisonment

AMOAFOWAA: Let’s talk about the Ghanaian entertainment platform. What are your great impressions and your disappointing ones?

KAFUI: We’re trying but need to work harder. Our timing is terrible. We don’t take time seriously, it breaks my heart. We need to work on that , I’m sure when we start taking our selves seriously, any other thing will fall in place.

AMOAFOWAA: I always ask all guests this question, who can win Kafui Danku’s respect?

KAFUI: I respect all persons, except you give me a reason not to. Just be a lady or a gentleman and you’ll earn respect.

AMOAFOWAA: How do you deal with bad publicity?

KAFUI:  I believe I’ve been a good girl so far. Lol.

AMOAFOWAA: Yes, you have, I guess. Now many are those who as it were ‘change housing’. What is your stand on bleaching or toning?

KAFUI: Lol… It’s very awful. The most terrible thing one can do to him or herself.

AMOAFOWAA: I have heard a few actresses talk about dark complexioned people finding it difficult to get roles in the industry. What is your stand on this, seeing as you are a producer?

KAFUI: It is a bit difficult to really place that. I am brown skinned. We have the beautiful Jackie, Ama and the likes who are dark skinned.

AMOAFOWAA: How many movies have you produced so far?

KAFUI: We just got done shooting the 5th, #AnyOtherMonday, It’s on post production. The first is “LETTERS TO MY MOTHER”, second, “DEVIL IN A DRESS’, Third, “HAPPY DEATHDAY’, Fourth is “ I DO”. They are all Award Winning Movies. Thanks to our fans/audience for the support.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your dream country, your favourite food and your favourite sports?

KAFUI: Don’t think I have any yet. Las Vegas still remains one of my favourite holiday spots.  anything with hot pepper can move me. Sports? I don’t have a favourite. Each one is unique

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Let’s get to the political realm. Who, on the whole African continent, will you say is your best politician?

KAFUI:  J.J. Rawlings.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your take on ‘dum so’ or the frequent power outages?

KAFUI: Hmm…  It is very disturbing. Sincerely, I wish Dumsor stopped like yesterday. Much cannot be done. I hope it gets solved as soon as possible.

AMOAFOWAA: What in your opinion can make Africans gain the respect they desire?

KAFUI: when we believe in ourselves and be original.  Originality is Key

AMOAFOWAA: has many foreign followers. I need to ask for their benefit, your perspective on racism.

KAFUI: I believe in LOVE, HUMANITY.  Skin colour should not really matter. Racism deserves to be stamped out, it is the enemy of freedom. Let us all respect each other regardless of skin Colour. I am no racist.  

AMOAFOWAA: What is your take on gay marriages? I ask this because it is the wave maker of the day.

KAFUI: I believe In Man/ Woman Relationship, I don’t think I would have been in existence if my mum or dad had the same sex relationship/Marriage.  

I do not support gay marriages, it’s absurd.

AMOAFOWAA: Do you think Africans can ever endorse gay marriages in the near future?

KAFUI: I pray not.

AMOAFOWAA: If you were the president of Ghana at the moment, what will be the three things you will prioritize in your line of duty?

KAFUI: Currency, Health and  Educational System

AMOAFOWAA: From history and living, who will you choose as your favourite president from the days of Nkrumah?

KAFUI: It’s difficult to choose, they all played a role in our present state.

AMOAFOWAA: Now to social, who is your favourite singer worldwide and why?

KAFUI: Any Musician whose Music inspires, will win me. There are lots of those I like, I have a long list of them.

AMOAFOWAA: Who is your favourite singer in Ghana and why?

KAFUI: I have a list, Stonebwoy, Edem, Efya. Their music inspire and they are also hardworking with humble souls.

AMOAFOWAA: Being a successful woman in Ghana and Africa at large is not an easy feat. For those reading and wishing to be in your shoes, what will be your advice?

KAFUI: I believe we have to work hard in any chosen field if we want to make a mark , thus hard work cannot be avoided. So, believe in your dreams, work hard and believe in God.

AMOAFOWAA: What will be your advice to those battling life threatening diseases?

KAFUI:  I believe in God and all that his church teaches so I will comfort them and use psalm 91 to pray with them, and I believe God will answer.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Wow! To those who are out there, feeling out of place in this world and contemplating suicide, what are your words?

KAFUI: Suicide is definitely not the answer, Let us talk more of Life than death, I believe their time to be or feel in place may just be a few days of positivity away.

AMOAFOWAA: To your fans?

KAFUI: Many thanks to them, all I feel is immense gratitude any time I think of them. Please keep supporting us and keep watching Ghanaian Movies.

AMOAFOWAA: Now to the world, what will be your inspirational words?

KAFUI: Let us be united, Let Love and peace rule .

AMOAFOWAA: Thank you for your time on

KAFUI: Welcome, and thank you too.



Sages say none has it all

Most wins deserve a fall

But she stands to conquer

Her shield, the Lord in honour

A virtuous woman is like gold refined

Its shoes fits a one called Kafui Danku

An African daughter

Who hates complexion slaughter

Beauty with brains

She impacts and waves

Throwing more light for younsters to follow

Such a heart deserves the recognition she has

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

(Credit to Saadatu Abdul-Rahaman)

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