‘Why is everyone going mad?

Is it something we’re eating?

Is it the heating sun?

No. Could it be the gods are angry?

Oh look at Ofosua asking me why


Last month when I went to give food to my sister

I saw Ofosu

Looking left, right, back and rushed

Like the elephant she is into that office

That office of the mad doctor

I was so shocked I stood for hours

But she didn’t come out

Thirst bit my throat and I had to leave

But I saw her later talking to herself


Three weeks ago I saw Mansah

I don’t know why I always see them

She looked around like a traffic instructor

And rushed into that office

When her mind said green

I was sitting in a tainted car

My heart running a marathon

My mind asked me “Is she also mad?”

I slapped its mouth shut


Then I had a toothache

And went to the doctor

Only to see Akua Mansa and her husband

Entering with impunity

Without a care

Have all of them gone mad?

My subconscious capped its jaw


The mad doctor is now in business

Whatever the cause, I do not know

Maybe the gods decided to smile on them

“Nyame Mpangu” that I will be their visitor’

Ignoramus, someone needs to help her

Not only mad people visit the mad doctor

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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