Sometimes I want to look into blue eyes

And think of a daydream on a kind blue seas

But they seem like the skies

So I fear their clouds

I fear their thunders

I fear their rains

So I concede

Their relatives are grey and I cannot reach


Then I think of green eyes
I can’t help the fear

I feel inside Like looking into eyes of black cats in the dark

When I think of finally looking through

Like waking wild cats

Who need a meal;

A meal like me


I think of black eyes

Darkness, undecipherable

No traces of murderous intents

I shudder

Could it be like hell

With black fire

Roasting sins untraceable?

Hey, wishes develop fast legs

And run in fear


Red is doom

Vampires and witches call even in daydream

No red I don’t want to bleed

Nor see beaks tearing cool skins


Brown is earth

Brown is life

Brown is approachable

Brown looks safe

I settle on brown eyes

But what do I know?

Colours are naught

But paintings of the gates

Think like me

And risk deception

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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