Modern gods are to blame
African modern gods are to blame
They are to blame for our shame;
Our in-robbery oh so lame shame
Those who previously had fame
For sins they did tame
Now know no shame
Because they live on stolen fowls
And watch not for devilish owls
Fanning wars which stem from brawls
Being lawyers of thieves
As against their ownings
Like Frankenstein Monsters who destroy themselves
The gods are killing their very selves
Biting their skins to spill their blood
Forgetting infusion is alien
And washes traces of own living
Holding canes of dos and don’ts
To brainwash the birth right that God did weave
Shame oh ye gods!
Shame on your dirty appetites!!
Shame on your stolen disciplines!!!
Shame on your shameless selves!!!!
I shame you
Praying to the Highest God to make you die
Slow and painful deaths
Yes, slow and very painful
Cock your ears
Glare your eyes
You must bow rather than threaten
For you are the gods
The very protectors of the land
Who have turned hawks babysitting chicks
You are the known protectors
Who feed on stolen fowls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (2015) inspired by Mr. Charles Atia


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