I am sometimes in a semi-circle
But the faces are not familiar
You aren’t there
I turn to the freedom chasers
They see me like a meaty rat
So give me the hot chase
Unfortunately,  all welcoming holes hoard smokes
And heat whose fore-fingers point at me in a warning
So I run on
Crying for you

In an unfamiliar world
With faces my blood deem taboos
I fear you hide within
I fear you search frantically
I fear you call but I hear not
I fear we are both lost geographically
I feel some pelts of stones
I fear the guns with bullets
I fear the bows and arrows
I fear the spiritual hunters
As I run
But I call for you
Like Jesus called for His father in dire times

Even if it takes forever
I will call
Even if my voice runs hoax
I will call
Even if I risk being jailed by loneliness
I will call
Even if societal chains give me tetanus
I will call
Let the toddlers find their parts and render me useless
I will call
Because I know your arrival will be grand
Even if we meet as spirits
Your heart will call for mine
My heart will respond and vice versa
And no hurdles can break our bond
For you will be firm
Powering me to be firmer
So with our fingers yoked
We will fight it all to the end
Yes, the end of the war
And ascend our thrones of happiness
So for now I call
My quiet moments used for attentive listening
Hoping to catch your call
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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