They say once one is down
A fall is nothing to fear
But here, lying flat on my back
I feel my pulse racing like a tsunami
Who knew falling from the pain tree
Breaks no bone
But beats your bests
And blasts your breast?
Interesting,  that is where the heart hides
I am all that hurt’s seat
I am all that is cruel’s punching bag
I am all that is burdensome’s head pad
Being squeezed like a rotten apple
All my juices developing gutter legs
As my flesh gives up on my soul
Which cries like a dying cricket

With all that threatens to break my shoulder bone,
Do I need my seed as a pain remote?
A press
And I fall from my climb
A press
And blood oozes from my nose
A press
And I become the footmat of a dancing gigantic pain’s boot
Is God in myth or physical?
Will He listen or scream blasphemy?
Will he repair or further destroy my maimed seed?

It is one
Just one
It is one
Not two
It is one sinless angelic breed
Called in love not in hatred
So what is its crime?
What is my crime?
What is its giver’s crime?
Pretty as a picture?
Innocent and as pure as the blue sky?
Why don’t You take me?
Take me instead please
And leave it sane
Leave it healthy
Leave it strong
I will give my flesh to the worms
I will give my bones to the teeth of the earth
I will give my body to rots and scavengers
Just leave it be
For I can stand all things but its hurts
I can stand all things but its tears
I can stand all things but fear of its loss
You may say I am silly
No, not silly, I am just broken
A tree broken to pieces
Because of its hurting seed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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