I am traveling
I know I have traveled
I am traveling
To an unknown destination
But I know this step today
Takes me nearer

I have seen hurdles
I have seen pain
I have seen lions
Like a hunter,  I have battled their wounds on my skin
I have housed scars which never fail in their duty of reminding
I have known puzzles
And its defeats
I can’t say I have conquered
But I have won many of my matches
I have travelled
And I am still traveling

There is no pain
I am yet to see
There is no pain
Whose surprise gun I will fear
For my stones are many
My shoes, swift in speed
Through the smoke
With these teary eyes
I envisage a clear sky
With hailing sun and clapping clouds
So I have travelled
I travel
I am traveling
Through this earth to an aftermath beyond
I just hope I light smiles on mouths with every step
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

18 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY

  1. Because today is a special day, sending birthday wishes simply wouldn’t do, so I’m sending you a day when all of your dreams come true, and a year that means the most to you!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CECILIA! I pray this day is overflowing with love and gifts of appreciation to be showered upon you. I hope the year to come sees each step successful and fruitful! May God deliver those rare moments of awe that create the best memories to carry you through the rough spots. God Bless you.


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