(Happy father’s day to Nana Awere Damoah. You are a very special man. Happy father’s day to all good fathers out there. Mr. Charles Nornoo. Mr. Sam Doku and the rest, you know yourselves. May you continue to shine in your line of duty. Receiving the right blessings.)

There was a time
This poem would have reeked crime
Because no love from a giver chimed
For the ears of this heart
NAD has imprinted
Now the bells ring
So the words will flow

I know how it feels
To feel your love
I say I know how it feels now
To have one like your soldier
Knowing he’ll rule in your favour
Loving your taunts
Knowing he’ll guide your steps
Holding your hand
Knowing he will whip you up
To inspire generation
I know and he knows his blessings

Killer of bitterness
Unseen by eyes
You have freed your gender
From the filthy prison of my words
You have shown a light
In your dooming shed
And I will always remember
The diamond you are
Maybe God did wait
To have me fathered by a one close in age
To have him be with me for a lifetime
You are my God’s chosen god for me
I bless and bless and bless and bless you and your kinds
I will always remember
Yes, I will remember even in transitioning,  that I was loved by a FATHER among fathers
Loved so purely because it took no blood link
Making it beautiful
Making it golden
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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