(Thanks to Mash Cudjoe for this poem.)

On that fateful day
When the gates of the world
Opened up to receive you
A trumpet was blown
And merry was made
You lit up the sky
And the angels sang
With voices so pure
A queen had been born
A queen whose words
Would marvel the world
When the time was right


It’s been a bittersweet journey
Of cherished accomplishments
And broken dreams
Your heart has handled battles
That even soldiers would surrender to
Yet still you rise ever bright
Like the morning sun
Bringing joy to others
Even if echos of pain
Forever in you reverberate
You thread a perilous path
Littered with confusion


Yet soldier on you must
The universe will have it so
You’re a story yet unfinished
Upcoming chapters will speak of victories
Victories you never contemplated
Hold fast to the dream
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia
Your name will resonate with all
Your words shall forever inspire greatness
In the hearts of all who embrace them
Your future begins now

Mash Codjoe (2015)

5 thoughts on “TO A SISTER

  1. This is a wonderful poem and tribute to you dear Cecilia. Every word is true and I pray you enjoy every moment as all you love celebrate the day you born! I celebrate it as well, for you are a beacon in the night and the champion of the voiceless.

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