Ex gratia has met its militia
Its gun is lowered in front of Mahama

Although few mouths are opened in awe
The master, for once, aims to be fair

Will we see a parliamentary demonstration?

Ha ha ha haaaa, ho ho
No one is penalized for wearing “kuntunkuni” to a funeral ground
But wearing white to an aged’s funeral is to be commended
Because it is a mark of wisdom
In the cultural realms of Sikaman

Ex- gratia has met its militia
Kneeling in prayers
To be saved in Ernest
Ei! Kojo Gratia, did you not see alawa?
How it was killed with cries from many young mouths?
If you’re asleep in your room and your legs’
eyes roam the streets
Then be told of the execution of alawa
And know your death is good for triumph
So kill yourself in the hearts of your followers
Before the axe falls on your neck
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 201

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