Agya aban must be a god
Ooooh, Ataa, let me explain
When I was growing up
I heard one of my uncles died
My mother told me Agya Aban killed him
Because he did not fix the road
And the angry road showed its anger
By chewing my uncle and many others
I asked who Agya Aban was
She said nothing
And I thought Agya Aban must be a god


Ataa, Agya Aban must be a god
When seas swallow beings
Mouths blame Agya Aban
When fire breaks
Eyes call Agya Aban
When stomachs grumble in hunger
Hands call for the help of Agya Aban
Let mosquitoes bite beings
Legs run around looking for Agya Aban
Eiii! Someone must tell me o!
Why won’t I see Agya Aban as a god?

He is called for help
Called for blame
Called for curses
And few times for blessings
Agya Aban is like a help mirror
Agya Aban is like a sky with goodies
Akuoko and Kwabena Amoah
Want to go to Agya Aban
Apiorkor and Dzamasah say they need to join Agya Aban
Abena Donkor and Eyram say they will marry Agya Aban
Ataaa eeiii!
I say Agya Aban must be a god

5 thoughts on “AGYA ABAN IS A GOD

  1. My Dear Amoa, since You are writing on the net, where people like us, who do not know Your language and customs, read Your works, it would be very kind of You to give a few notes at the end of Your poems. Giving the meanings of Important words.

    Di Your mother say nothing? Or, did she say: “Nothing?” That also is not clear!

    We can all sense the Fire and the Power in Your words, and Your skill. Please help us understand better!

    Regards. 🙂


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